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Thai cuisine is undoubtedly the most unique ones amongst all the Southeast Asian cuisines and is by far the most sought after ones. The distinctive flavor and aroma of Thai cuisine is now savored across the globe. Truly authentic traditional Thai cooking reflects the land and waters where Thais have traditionally lived. It is mistakenly sometimes considered similar to Chinese and Indian cuisines which do have an influence on it but still has a unique identity of its own. It is very easily identifiable due to the fact that it incorporates amazing mix of all the five taste groups: spicy, salty, sweet, sour and bitter.

Thai cuisine is primarily an ideal blend of a range of cooking styles from numerous regions of Thailand. Over the years, Thailand through the means of foreign influences and in combination to the conventional has brought up a world-famous cuisine that is uniquely Thai. Then of course Thai food is renowned world over for being very hot and spicy and a large number of its dishes using a lot of fresh chili.

Vegetables and rice are among the staples in Thai food which due to the fact that such foods are quite readily available in Thailand. While such stuff may sound unappealing and absurd to some but in reality the manner in which these basic foods are used and dressed up in the Thai culture is absolutely mind blowing and mouthwatering. Adding further, the galangal root is a major ingredient for many Thai curries and soups and due to its intense flavor it comes out quite well into spicy dishes. Also dried herbs are mostly utilized to render a ‘spice’ element to Thai cooking. Ground white pepper was conventionally used as the significant provider of heat way before the ‘Fresh Chili’ was transported to Thailand, but it still continues to be utilized in a large range of dishes.

So, overall Thai food offers an interesting and exciting culinary exploration with its rich variety in the dishes available. While a few cultures are restricted to the foods they use and the types of flavors, but Thai cuisine stands out with a huge variety of tastes and flavors it brings to the plate for food lovers to explore and enjoy…